We are the Cashmere High School Satellite Team, a group of aspiring students, years Nine through Thirteen, working towards an eventual goal of launching a CubeSat Satellite.

We hope to launch CashSat-1 aboard a RocketLabs spacecraft, with an aim of performing a scientific experiment while in orbit. CashSat-1 is providing some very difficult challenges that we need to overcome. Some examples are:

  • How will we communicate with the satellite, and how will it communicate back?
  • How will it generate and store power?
  • How will CashSat-1 endure the vibrations and G-forces experienced during launch
  • What scientific experiments do we want to perform?
  • How will we orient the spacecraft? Will it’s function require that?
  • What protocol will we use when communicating to and from the satellite?

And, unfortunately, the most important:

  • How will we fund CashSat-1?

The people tackling these challenges meet every Monday lunchtime, where we discuss, plan and analyse the actions of our team. We are currently in the very early phases, but are seeing some distinct roles arise in the group: Some students prefer to work on the public relations side, while others enjoy the technical challenge of designing such a piece of hardware.

We hope this ambitious project will inspire students to continue down science and technology pathways